Welcome to the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI) website.

This website is jointly managed by the five Victorian Major Electricity Companies. (Formerly known as Distribution Networks or Distribution Businesses - DB's) namely CitiPower, Powercor, AusNet ServicesJemena and United Energy, with the transmission network owned and operated by AusNet Services.

In simple terms VESI is not a company, corporation nor a business, it is a registered trade mark and when the five Major Electricity Companies jointly agree to a procedure, practice or process then they brand it as a VESI document to enable consistency, compliance and transportability across the companies.

The VESI logo has been registered by AusNet on behalf of the companies that own the five electricity distribution networks in Victoria.  Its use is limited to the development of material that is accepted and endorsed by the five electricity distribution networks, e.g. the Green Book, NGZ Guidelines and the Fieldworker Handbook.   Other companies that are outside the VESI may be allowed use of the VESI logo only with written permission that is endorsed by the five distribution networks in Victoria.  Permission in the first instance should be sought from the Green Book Committee at this link.

This website has been established to provide a common platform for the storage and reference for industry related information, links and contacts for documentation and issues common to all the businesses within VESI.


There have been many improvements in the VESI over the years, some initiated by the VESI and others by government, please find below a snapshot of changes over the years:

2014Switching Authorities - Common Log Book established

Electrical Safety Rules for the VESI Distribution Networks The Green Book revision

National Licencing - decision by COAG not to undertake

Trial commenced of Skills Passport Smart Card for authorities only at United Energy

2012National competency for Testing of Connections introduced to comply with AS4741
2011National Refresher Training Competency Units introduced

After consultation with industry the Passport Steering Committee membership expanded to include the ETU, E-Oz and industry stakeholders.

National ESI Skills passport launched with a paper based passport in VESI and a smart card in some states

Victorian qualification for Asset Inspection established


Updated national training package launched (UET 09)

A national refresher training protocol in the form of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by the ENA, the Hon. Martin Ferguson MP, all Network Operators, and the ETU. The MOU identified minimum refresher training competencies and confirmed agreement for mutual recognition of these competencies during mutual aid events.


VESI Website launched and all industry related information and published here

The VESI Skills and Training Reference Committee commenced

The VESI Skills and Training Guideline and matrix launched

First VESI Skills and Training Reference Committee forum launched

The ESI Passport Steering Committee established by ENA

2007Sector based committee disestablished

Updated Code of Practice on Electrical Safety for the Distribution Businesses in the VESI - The Green Book revised

Updated national training package launched (UET 06)

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) publish ENA DOC - 013 Network Passport Guideline

2005Victorian Certificate IV in Electrical Inspection established

Section 10 Committee established by the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector (OCEI) to implement a registration system for employees in the VESI. The system was launched in late 2004 and commenced with the category of Lineworkers.

After consultation with the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector (OCEI), the ETU and industry stakeholders, the VESI Passport was launched. The VESI Passport was the first state based Passport system, and recorded inductions, authorisations, refresher training and competencies.

1999Code of Practice on Electrical Safety for the Distribution Businesses in the VESI - The Green Book published

First national training package launched (UTT98)

Code of Practice on Electrical Safety for the Distribution Businesses in the VESI - The Green Book published

1992The SECV updated all field refresher training processes including guidance materials for trainers and new Module Descriptors. (Module Descriptors were the predecessors to modern Competency Standard Units)
1969The SECV implemented their enterprise based apprentice training program for Linesmen, the first in Australia which pre-dated national qualifications by 30 years. Prior to this the SECV trained linesmen using an ABC rating system