Construction Standard and Guideline

 Distribution Network Operators establish requirements to provide a common standard, this section outlines the minimum requirements for the following:


Urban Residential Development (URD) Design and Construction Standard

The purpose of this standard is to provide a common set of engineering design and construction principles for Urban Residential Development (URD) installation across all Victorian electricity supply industries (VESI) that meet the relevant legislative and Australian Standards requirements.

This common approach ensures installations are of a high standard of safety, quality, reliability and operational performance, ultimately to the benefit of the Victorian community.

While every effort has been made to have a common standard for the majority of URD installation requirement, some requirements are Distribution Business (DB) specific and therefore reference may be required to a DB specific standard. Where this is required it will be outlined within this standard.

For any other design and construction standards related to URD estates not included in this document please refer to the individual DB for their requirements.

For URD estate within the CitiPower network or high density developments in other DBs please refer to the individual DB for their requirements.

For industrial/commercial subdivision refer to the DB specific standards.

This standard has been developed jointly by CitiPower/Powercor Australia Ltd, United Energy, Jemena Electricity Networks and AusNet Services.

Download the Urban Residential Development (URD) Design and Construction Standard

Committee Members

Please monitor this webpage for further updates. Alternatively, you may contact any of the following committee members by email for any improvement, suggestion or question related to this standard. For any project related enquires or dispensation please refer to each DB project channel.

Network Operator Representative
Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE)
Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)

Construction Industry Interface Guideline

The Construction Industry Interface Guideline clarifies the responsibilities and arrangements in regard to safety and protocols at the interface between the construction industry and electrical supply industry on construction and demolition sites.

The Guideline was produced by representatives from all of the Victorian Electricity Distribution Companies and from the Victorian Construction Safety Alliance (organisation representing member construction companies).

The document covers the principles and arrangements to be employed where construction industry and electricity network operators interface on major demolition and construction sites. This includes safe work on/around and access/egress to construction/demolition sites and substation enclosures.

Construction Industry Interface Guideline (pdf) - 340kB