The Green Book

The Green Book describes the Electrical Safety Rules for Victorian Distribution Networks and incorporates relevant Distribution related principles from the Blue Book.

The Blue Book is published by the Electrical Safety Committee (ESC) as a Code of Practice on electrical safety for work on or near HV electrical apparatus (the Blue Book). The Blue Book applies to all persons working on, near or in the vicinity of HV apparatus that is capable of being energised, (including transmission and HV customers).

The Distribution Network Operators have different requirements to those companies and the Green Book describes how we meet those requirements whilst demonstrating compliance to the Blue Book.

Individuals and companies wishing to purchase Green Books should in the first instance contact the network operator that they perform the majority of their work with. 

September 2023

In December 2022, the Electrical Safety Committee (ESC) published an updated Blue Book. The Distribution businesses meet the requirements of the Blue Book by more specific rules in the Green Book.

The 2023 version of the Green Book represents the 5th major review and the latest update to align with the Blue Book is now complete.

In the interim period, both the 2020 and 2023 Green Book rules can be safely applied in the workplace. 

Businesses should now be working towards delivering the training for the updated Green Book which a target date of April 1, 2024, for delivery has been set by the Green Book Committee.

November 2023

The Green Book familiarisation presentations are complete and available in the Green Book Downloads section. It is the responsibility of each individual business to ensure that VESI employees are familiarised in the 2023 Green Book changes and maintain records of completion prior to April 1, 2024.

There are two familiarisation presentations available:

Fieldworkers' presentation Changes to section 2.4 Safe Approach Distance – Vegetation Workers not included in this presentation.

Vegetation Workers presentation – All changes made in the 2023 Green Book included in this presentation.

If you have any queries relating to the familiarisation presentations, please contact any of the following Green Book committee members by email:

AusNet -

CitiPower/ Powercor -


United Energy


The Green Book provides practical guidance in maintaining safe systems of work in relation to the control of risks associated with work on, near or in the vicinity of ‘VESI’ Electrical Apparatus.

These Rules apply to

  • all employees, contractors and sub-contractors of the Distribution Networks, working on, near or in the vicinity of electrical apparatus controlled by the Distribution Networks.
  • electrical apparatus that is not electrically connected and where the required level of isolation cannot be confirmed prior to work commencing, for example on abandoned underground cables.
  • These Rules set a minimum standard and may be enhanced by organisational procedures which may utilise other industry standards.

In order to comply with these Rules, a Distribution Network shall either:

  • (a) Apply the requirements contained within these Rules; or
  • (b) Vary the requirements by:

Ensuring any variations are endorsed by a responsible officer, that the Green Book Committee is informed and that Energy Safe Victoria is advised of the outcomes and reasons for variation(s) prior to implementing the variation(s).

The Green Book incorporates the principles of the 'Code of Practice of Electrical Safety' for Work on or near High Voltage Electrical Apparatus (The Blue Book) – Victoria'

Committee Members

Membership of the Green Book Committee is made up of the following VESI employees:

Network Operator Representative
AusNet ServicesPeter MobbsRod Berry
CitiPower/PowercorLuke Farrugia
JemenaDan Ploegmakers (Chair)Mark Gardiner
United EnergyAdam BeelJamie Hatfield

About the Green Book

The Green Book Committee, established by the Victorian Distribution Businesses is convened with the objective to develop, review and monitor the application of the Electricity Safety Rules for the VESI Distribution Networks (The Green Book) in the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI).

Blue Book

The Blue Book can be viewed on the ESV website by clicking here

Green book communication & the VESI logo

The term "VESI" and the VESI logo are trademarked by the VESI member companies. Where you see the VESI logo on a publication or when it used by a committee or working group, that is an indication that the process is supported by the 5 distribution networks in Victoria.

Using the VESI logo

Permission for the use of the VESI logo would normally be sought by an industry committee. A representative from that committee should formally request permission for use of the Logo by writing to the Convenor of the VCC (Adam Beel, Work Practices Manager at United Energy).

Reasons for use of the logo should be clearly stated and a copy of the document proposed to contain the logo must accompany the request.

The request will be tabled at the next VCC meeting for consideration (or consensus/agreement reached via email or teleconference).

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