Clause 1.4.5 states:  "Work on customer's electrical installations shall be performed only be persons licensed by Energy Safe Victoria unless an Order in Council is given by Energy Safe Victoria to allow the activity"

For clarity, this clause applies to any works downstream from the point of supply and/or metering arrangements which conform to the AS/NZ 3000 wiring rules.  The licensing reference in this clause does not apply to work on network assets such as metering equipment and its associated wiring or any work on distributor equipment at the point of supply including at customer pits and pillars.  Such work shall be in accordance with Clause 4.1 of the Green Book and VESI Installation Supply Connection Tests & Procedures.

NOTE that Order in Council G36-2000 allows for “the disconnection or reconnection of a consumers mains or submains neutral” by competent VESI workers undertaking neutral and polarity testing at customer installations.