The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) held its 36th meeting on Friday December 13 in Canberra.  At the end of each meeting COAG publishes a communique that summarises the outcomes for each meeting.  The communique for meeting 36 stated the following:

"COAG noted that, following the outcome of extensive State-based consultation, the majority of States decided not to pursue the proposed National Occupational Licensing Scheme reform. Most jurisdictions identified a number of concerns with the proposed NOLS model and potential costs. States instead decided to investigate approaches that would increase labour mobility and deliver net benefits for businesses and governments.

To this end, States agreed to work together via the Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) to develop alternative options for minimising licensing impediments to improving labour mobility and to manage the orderly disestablishment of the National Occupation Licensing Authority from early 2014".

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